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FOX News
Sep 25, 2012 2:00am PDT
. >> welcome to maclaine virginia a suburb outside of northern virginia where real estate values maintained their worth through out the recession. that mansion selling for $14.9 million. the washington region posts of having 7 of the top ten wealthyest counties in america. it is usually spun as a feel good story in the washington area. how did this region get so wealthy? it has no natural resources. potomac river is not used for commercial navigation has no commercial factories? what gives? it's the home of the federal government. here is tim carney of the national examiner. >> ross perot used to talk about free trade from mexico and sucking sound going down to mexico. siems i think that dc is the vortex and giant sucking sound of american wealth and jobs coming in here. >> a number of lawyers lobbyists consultants and businesses gravitate to be closer to the government. in recent years hilton, vogues wagon faic all moved corporate headquarters here. here is tim carney one more time. >> why are they doing that businesses are finding out that dc the federal government controls their prosperi
FOX News
Sep 27, 2012 2:00am PDT
. >> and moving from one battle ground state to the next. both president obama and mitt romney will be in virginia. the president will speak to a crowd in virginia beach and mitt romney will attend a rally in fairfax county. it shows president obama ahead by 7 percent of error three percent. >> iran's president said our country is in cahoots with the difficult and his view of the world does not include our country or israel. >> major defense contractor slashing jobs. they blamed financial hard ship. the pentagon plans to slash 500 billion from the budget unless congress steps n. president regan once called him a national treasure. moon river singer andy williams has died after a year long battle with cancer. ♪ moon river. [applause] ♪ ♪ i'm crossing you in style some day. >> such a beautiful voice. williams voice spanned decades . he hosted a andy williams show and spun off to his famous christmas specials. he was friends with elvis and bobby kennedy. bobby kennedy once asked him to be a delegate. >> i can't do this for you. because i was a republican. he never knew i was a republican. >>
FOX News
Sep 18, 2012 2:00am PDT
county. there is a flash flood concern across parts of west virginia and northern portions of huntsville, alabama, knoxville you are out of the warning area but you can get heavy downpours that could produce localized flooding in a short amount of time with so many thunderstorms. if all of that wasn't enough we are talking about strong winds as we head into later today and the overnight hours and earl wlins across portions of new england, new york city, down into philadelphia as well with wind gusts that can reach 50 miles per hour as the storm system passes by. as had he head into tomorrow later today it will be quiet once again. >> so a quick storm. >>> it is now 10 minutes after the hour. first they printed more money now the federal reserve is claiming if they were more confident about the economic policies then there would be more jobs. are you behind that one? we will break it down for you. >> you are allowed to have friends to watch football. why is one familiar flaying hundreds of dollars in fines for having friends over to pray. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's
FOX News
Sep 20, 2012 2:00am PDT
. virginia 50-43. if that's true and that holds then the governor loses, correct? >> we a plethora of polls. >> you know how many polls have been there? 83. we have to be careful about reading too much into the polls. in mid september 1980 ronald reagan with double dig get interest rates. by mid october reagan dropped one point to 39 and carter had rinz 3 points to 37. as we all know it turned out a big blowout. >> dick morris is also talking this morning he's responding to the criticism that mitt romney is facing this week with the 40 percent of americans likely to vote for him. despite what some are saying he is saying it could work as a positive for the presidential hopeful. >> it is not a rough week for romney. the media loves to paint something do it out of proportion and then yell gaff, gaff, gaff and try to make a story that romney is screwing up. the fact of the matter is at the beginning of the week he was still suffering from the democratic bounce. by the middle of this week monday and tuesday he had caught off the bounce is over. now he told the truth about the 47 percent first o
FOX News
Sep 6, 2012 2:00am PDT
back that remark. he told a tv station in virginia, obviously i have regrets for sin my words but everyone know was i was saying. we will still keep hearing a lot about this. >> arizona scoring a big win on fighting illegal immigration, a judge ruling that the state can enforce "show me your papers," part of the state immigration law. it lets the officers check immigration status of people that they suspect are here illegally. at least racial profiles, some say this is but the governor says no one will be targeted. >> the senate bill 1070 must be enforced fairly, effectively, and without compromising silts. or the constitution. >>heather: the supreme court upheld the provision that was in june. opponents, still, tried to get a judge to block it. >> homegrown terrorists will be resentenced in december. a court ruling that the current 17-year prison term was not long enough for someone who trained with al qaeda and who had a long criminal record. he was convicted in 2007 for plotting a differenty bum -- bomb attack in the country and could face life. >> day two of deliberations
FOX News
Sep 24, 2012 2:00am PDT
, even west virginia and western parts of north carolina. a widespread area we will be dealing with an area of frost and parts of ohio. high temperatures warming up into the 60s in chicago and cleveland. >>> now to stories you can bank on this morning if you are thinking you are getting a free deal with your checking account you could be wrong. here to explain lauren sem netty from the fox business network. >> they increase revenues by 10 billion a year banks are trying to find ways to nickel and dime you to make a difference. if you want to avoid a monthly fee you need 723 bucks in your checking account. that's up 23 percent from last year. the monthly fee has also risen to a record 5.48 a month. 39 percent of noninterest checking accounts are free that's down from 76 percent back in 2009. what's worse banks think you are going to pay their fees because you are too lazy to reroute all of your direct deposits and bills you pay monthly. >> they have gone down but the difference is minuscule. >> this is intentional drivers out there. cheaper winter blend gasoline is available at
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)